She is dynamic, energetic and charming, having over 25 years of experience in administrative and Operations in the private corporate sector.

A Psychology major who understands the pulse of the people and problem, which has aided her in all her assignments. She combines this with consummate and intuitive operative skills. Professional, proficient at multitasking, wearing multiple hats, excelling in amalgamating them well, to achieve the vision. Wide international exposure has widened her perspective.

She has been entrusted and pioneered many projects with great leadership quality. She has steer headed multiple, big-budget projects in the health care sector with great success and transformed them to level’s above. Extremely committed and trustworthy, a quality which helps her in being nominated to head many groups. Excelled and recognized by many organizations for her innovation and technical skills. Her Consultations has transformed institutions by going digital and spearheaded audit compliance to get accreditations with minimal deficiencies.

A decathlon sports woman par excellence, represented state level and won numerous accolades to her credit. Adventurous and brave a quality so innate which allows her to tread paths not so familiar, with ease. Her global numismatic & thimble collection is unique. Her global travelogues are amazing. Charity at heart and a member, Board of Directors of a Charitable organization, for over a decade.